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Machine Characteristics


  • Robust and durable design, installed worldwide in 24/7 environments
  • Feeding head is processor controlled to provide faultless sheet feeding
  • Electronically controlled gate for precise and stable sheet overlap at any production speed
  • Easy and fast setting of job and machine parameters through a large graphical touch screen
  • Continuous automatic checking & control of the whole lamination process (feeding, temperature, air pressure, sheet separation, etc., to ensure 100% quality result)
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Basic configuration

    • Automatic feeder – feeding from pallet
    • Komfi-design feeding head
    • Vacuum pump
    • Long sheet separation air blowers
    • Automatic sheet overlap control
    • Miss-feeding detection
    • Laminating cylinder heated by 5-zone electrical resistance heater
    • Temperature drop detection
    • Polyurethane coated pressure roll
    • Air pressure decrease detector
    • Airshaft for film unwinding
    • Adjustable sheet de-curling unit
    • Automatic sheet separation using rotating knives and built-in perforator
    • Snapping unit pneumatically controlled
    • Speed adjustable snapping roller
    • Sheet separation detector
    • Jogger

Available options

    • No options available

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Speed 50 m/min
Max sheet size 76 × 112 cm
Paper weight 115-600 g/m²
Machine dimensions 
409 × 156,5 × 132 cm

More parameters

Min. sheet dimensions 30 x 22 cm
Max. paper pile 68 cm
Thickness of laminating film 24-50 μm
Kind of laminating film OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up 5 min
Sheet overlap accuracy ±1 mm
Air supply Min. 6 bar
Consumption of compressed air 70 l/min
Max. pressing force 49.8 kN
Max. linear nip pressure 65 N/mm
Power supply 16.5 kVA

Custom-built solutions

    • Sagitta 76 H and Sagitta 76 Embossing machines are custom-built only. The technical parameters of these models are different from standard configuration.
    • Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements.
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* Technical parameters of our products are subject to change without prior notice.
* Product pictures/videos may show additional options not included in the standard delivery.