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Machine Characteristics


  • Robust and durable design, fast and easy processing of job with minimum preparation time
  • 2D and 3D effects with only 1 varnish
  • On the fly registration using I2IR technology
  • Possibility to print variable data with use of bar code reader
  • Very precise registration due to patented vacuum conveyor solution
  • Intuitive and clear software
Stamp White - Made in Czech
Spotmatic 54 Quick Info

Technical description

    • Spotmatic 54 is a UV inkjet varnishing machine suitable for creating glossy spots on matt laminated sheets and various varnish effects, not only on matt or glossy laminate, but also on non-laminated surface.

      Registration is achieved “on the fly”, i.e. without stopping the sheet, using I2IR technology (Image to Image Registration), which involves registration of the print onto printed sheet without print data deformation. Eventual registration corrections are achieved through adjustment and movement of the position of the ink-jet heads.

      The machine prints using 8 ink-jet heads with a resolution range in print direction from 180 to 1440 dpi. Final layers are achieved through multi-pass printing prior to curing, performed by vacuum conveyor moving forwards and backwards under the inkjet heads. This is a very precise solution
      of metal lamella conveyor of own development, protected by industrial design.

Basic configuration

    • Large variability of print settings from basic parameters of spot varnishing up to special 3D effects
    • Possibility to use pre-defined templates with settings of basic parameters of print
    • Complete job settings saved into a file with notification when any parameter is changed
    • Same SW available for graphic designer – job can be prepared in graphic studio completely in advance including printing settings
    • Variable data for each sheet using code reader
    • Printing parameters may be changed during machine run
    • Detailed and graphically clear guide for job settings including description, location and explanation of all steps.
    • Detailed explanation of all functions part of the programme.
    • Registration settings by reading printing marks on the sheet done automatically
    • Production calculation proceeded continuously – theoretical speed and amount of consumed varnish in a moment of printing parameters setting
    • Detailed information about job parameters (processing time, sheet number, varnish consumption, price, etc.) changes continuously during processing according to reality
    • Visualisation of machine status and individual mechanical groups control

Available options

    • No options available

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Max. feeder output 2400 sheets/hour
Max sheet size 54 × 100 cm
Paper weight 115-680 g/m²
Machine dimensions 
447 × 141 × 145 cm

More parameters

Min. sheet dimensions 30 × 24 cm
Max. height of feeder stack 600 mm
Print resolution 4 presets:
180 × 360 dpi;
360 × 360 dpi;
720 × 360 dpi;
variable × 360 dpi
Varnishing speed 30 m/min at180 dpi,
24 m/min at360 dpi,
12 m/min at720 dpi
UV lamp output 9 kW
Air connection min. 6 bar
Pressure air consumption max. 40 l/min
Power consumption 10.5 kW
Recommended machine load Two-shift operation
Variable data Yes, PDF with multiple pages
Multi-pass Yes

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Custom-built solutions

    • Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements

* Technical parameters of our products are subject to change without prior notice.
* Product pictures/videos may show additional options not included in the standard delivery.