Automation at it’s best with the Amiga 52 In-Line during our “Inspiration Days 2020”

During our Komfi Inspiration Days 2020, in short KID2020, we have shown many interesting new developments including the Amiga 52 In-Line.

This unit is designed to increase productivity and minimize setup times and waste. It can be placed behind any printer as it will function in a fully autonomic way when auto pilot option is installed. It means it starts as soon as paper enters the feeder. Once the amount of paper in the feeder increases it will automatically speed up. If the job comes to an end and the feeder runs empty the machine will stop automatically and returns to pause state waiting for new job to arrive without any interference from the operator.

When you are looking into automating your production process, the Amiga 52 In-Line solution is definitely worth considering.

Amiga 52 inline demo
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