KOMFI laminator Amiga 52 Double in a digital printer

We talked about the Amiga 52 Double laminating machine at Print Point in Nupaky with its CEO Jan Švejda and sales manager from KOMFI in Lanškroun František Šustr.

We have been producing the Amiga 52 laminator for many years, says František Šustr, sales manager for the Czech market according to customer needs, but new versions are being created. Recently, this model has undergone a significant design modification, which allows model configurations of the machine. This allows us to offer the customer the variant he needs faster. We currently offer the Amiga in six basic configurations. Double-sided lamination is another option that will expand the existing offer. Mr. Šustr also describes how important lamination is in the Printer Print Point, in which the laminator was installed for testing in practice. The Printer Print Point is growing and expanding its technical background, and thanks to an offer from KOMFI, they have decided to replace the old laminator for a new one. The solution from KOMFI increased productivity and, as Jan Švejda says, a great advantage over the original method of lamination on an old machine is the scrap removal and a large saving of operator time.


Amiga 52
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