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We at KOMFI support young talents on their way to success. Each of us has a talent for some activity. We believe that the development of sporting talent is essential. As part of children's sports, it is important to take into account the health aspect, which is essential for the harmonious development of the child. Sport is also an important means of personal realization. Thanks to sports, the child learns to follow certain rules and above all acquires responsibility, and movement has beneficial effects on health. Playing sports for children is, among other things, also a complex educational activity, which is carried out jointly by parents and coaches. Sports gymnast Klára Peterková, who can boast the title of Czech All-around Champion in the women's category of the elite "A" group, certainly deserves our support.

Gymnast Klára Peterková adjusts her form for the World Championships

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, the multi-sport European Championship ended in Munich, which was, among other things, a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games. Nine sports were contested in the Bavarian capital for eleven days.

In addition to athletics, cycling, climbing, beach volleyball and canoeing, etc., gymnastics was also part of the multi-sport EC. The Czech expedition had its representatives here as well.

As part of the women’s representative team, Klára Peterková also presented herself with the team in Munich. After a very successful spring season and winning the title of Czech All-around Champion in the women’s category of the elite “A” group, it was another step into the great world of sports gymnastics.

The main goal of the Czech women’s team expedition was to place in 13th place at the European Championships in competition with 27 teams and thereby secure a place at the upcoming World Championships in Liverpool. Only the last tool – Bradla – was decisive. The girls didn’t do very well here, and so their hope and point gain disappeared. Out of a total of 144.763 points, the first non-advancement team finished in 14th place. They lacked the Swedes by 1,233 points.

According to the qualification rules for the World Cup, the Czech team did not succeed, but the qualification of the individual women’s all-around remained in play. After reducing the ranking result, a maximum of two competitors from the state who did not advance with the team could qualify.

Our girls showed themselves in good form in the competition of 85 all-around competitors and their performances were balanced. For the youngest member of the Czech team, Klára Peterková, it was the first start at such a big sporting event, and she did great. With a performance of 47.399 points, she took 41st place. She was in close competition with the experienced Aneta Holas, who took 38th place with a performance of 47.699. The third all-rounder was Dominika Ponížilová, who was only 0.034 points behind Klára (42nd place). And it was this small difference that decided who would watch the MS.

It turned out, Aneta and Klára qualified among the 23 advancing individual women for the World Gymnastics Championships, which will be held on 28.10.- 6.11.2022 in Liverpool (GBR). So, another big training session awaits them to polish their lineups and get in shape for the next spectacular event. A big thank you goes to the coaches who prepare the girls and also to everyone who supports them in their sport.

REJ. ŠUMPERSKO: Zábřežská hvězda Klára Peterková si lebedí v elitní společnosti. Přípravu na mistrovství Evropy jí zpestřila těžká rakouská prověrka | Šumperský REJ

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