Customers' references

We have globally installed hundreds of laminators and varnishing machines. Some of our customers are still using one of our first laminators installed over 14 years ago! The given references will tell you why our machines are so popular and our clients so satisfied with them.

Look at the references sorted out by the country of installation and laminator model. Below, you will find a complete list of references.

References for Delta 52

Těšínské papírny, s.r.o.

We have decided to buy a thermo-laminating machine Delta 52 in 2009 and we are very satisfied with the machine itself as well as the related services (technical support and spare parts deliveries). Buying Komfi Delta 52 machine brought us to higher technological level of our company, but especially helped us to do our job in much more professional way.

Thanks to Komfi laminating machine we solved the problem of foil and glue, we used to fight with on the previous Autobond laminator, and also we get rid of all problems with silvering. We appreciate very high quality lamination of sheets, which are in fact immediately ready for further print finishing process.

Ing. Pavlína Balážová, Machinery care
Jan Szlaur, Chief mechanician of the plant

H.R.G. spol. s r.o.

We bought the first Komfi branded laminating machine in B2 format in the year 2000 already. At that time, it was one of the very first units of this model. Nevertheless we could use the advantages of this great machine until 2009, when we decided to replace it (but still in a very good condition and reliably working) by a newer, more modern and more powerful unit of the same brand. During the work on the Delta 52 machine we have especially appreciated trouble-free work and intuitive operation.

Leoš Tupec, Executive Director

Print shop Gerin

In October 2014, print shop GERIN took the decision to purchase a KOMFI DELTA 52 laminator with automatic stacker. The decision was made on the basis of the machine’s reliability, quality and performance.

The DELTA 52 has to work with the output of various offset printing presses. It is the first laminator in the print shop and the machine’s unique controls and helpful software features, such as the foil change program, pause and stop program, job memory and many others, have proven invaluable. The DELTA 52, which with all its features guarantees reliable quality and stress-free production, has helped us to ease our way into the laminating business and open up new markets.

GERIN was founded almost 150 years ago. In 1871 it started as lithographic print office in the centre of Vienna. In 1912 a big step was undertaken to invest in new offset-technology. In 1978, due to the company´s steady expansion, GERIN moved to the outskirts of Vienna. Over the following years it took over other print shops in Vienna, Carinthia and Upper Austria and gained in size and importance. It is now one of the most important and largest offset print shops in Austria. The company has also established branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

GERIN has 6 offset printing machines from Heidelberg, MAN-Roland and KBA in use, with a total of 31 printing units of various formats.