Customers' references

We have globally installed hundreds of laminators and varnishing machines. Some of our customers are still using one of our first laminators installed over 14 years ago! The given references will tell you why our machines are so popular and our clients so satisfied with them.

Look at the references sorted out by the country of installation and laminator model. Below, you will find a complete list of references.

References for Sagitta 76

Print shop Klampfer Druck

Modern, innovative and future focussed are the keywords that describe Print Shop KLAMPFER. The Klampfer Druck print shop is situated in Styria and has been on the market for 65 years. It is well known for our top quality and state-of-the-art print products. The print shop is home to 15 offset printing units and an increasing number of digital print units that can cover all demands, even from the most ambitious of customers. Finishing is also an important area of its production, as is laminating which started some years ago. Due to the expansion in the number of laminating jobs and increasing formats, KLAMPFER started searching for a new machine which could meet all parameters in means of quality, format, performance and reliability. After consultations with suppliers about their technologies, the final choice fell on Promegatechnik (Komfi’s authorized dealer for Austrian market) and the KOMFI SAGITTA 76 with Hot Knife and automatic stacker. With this new machine there are fewer limitations and KLAMPFER can offer a greater degree of flexibility with high volume output.
Print Imprimerie
Print Imprimerie located in Charleroi (Belgium) is well established. Managed by owner Didier and Christine Chantinne, the company has grown into a large printing company with 40 employees. After an initial contact with Albyco in 2013 where the subject in-house lamination was raised, it was soon decided to purchase a Komfi Sagitta 76to eliminate the outsourcing of lamination jobs.

Why Albyco & Komfi?

We asked Didier why he was convinced so quickly to choose for Albyco and Komfi: “The idea of in-house laminating existed already for some time, but it was only after proper evaluation and analysis from the sales people at Albyco that got us convinced and it was therefore clear that we found the right partner. Also the vast number of leading references that use Komfi machines reinforced this confidence in Albyco and Komfi.” “Despite the fact that the Sagitta 76 is a relatively ‘small’ machine (in our view) we had full trust in this product and it was proven that this choice was right” The quality of the machine is hugely important, but also the choice of the partner. Albyco did what they promised in every aspect.”

Hendrix Print Shop

Hendrix print shop in Peer (Belgium) offers over 75 years of expertise in delivering high-quality, innovative prints in any order quantity. Books, catalogues, brochures or magazines… whatever the requirements, Hendrix always creates „masterpieces“. Being a family business, Hendrix’s personal approach and dedication to the job creates a charming, informal atmosphere. Optimisation and continuous improvement of technology is a must, and the plant’s in-house lamination capability perfectly corresponds with this vision.

Why have you chosen in-house lamination with a Komfi Sagitta 76 laminator?

Wim Hendrix: “Our catalogues and brochures were of course laminated with outside cooperation, but we needed to respond quickly to the growing demand and increase both our flexibility and our workflow. Therefore, we have invested in a Komfi Sagitta 76 with a production stacker enabling a “palette-in, palette-out” system, which is now 75% effective. An in-house laminator provides us with better control over the entire production process and thus our deadline delivery guarantee. Selecting a Komfi laminator is based on the trust we have in Albyco, which was further confirmed by  perfect installation of the machine and quick start of production. Of course we expect excellent after-sales service, which is a key factor for us.”

Why Albyco?

Wim Hendrix: “In-house lamination was a theme that we dealt with in great detail, because the volume of our orders continues to grow. The project implementation for in-house lamination accelerated after our Albyco visit, where we were immediately convinced that they knew what they were doing. THE AMOUNT OF REFERENCES THEY COULD OFFER AS WELL AS THE HIGH-QUALITY SHOWROOM DEMONSTRATIONS HELPED US TO MAKE QUICK DECISIONS. The delivery, installation and operator training went very smoothly and professionally, exactly as expected. We were equally satisfied with the commissioning of the machine, and the subsequent after-sales cooperation.”

Tiskárna Finidr, s.r.o.

We had a good experience with the first generation of 700 x 1000 mm Sagitta 76 laminator. This experience played an important role when selecting another laminating machine for the same format.

We may confirm that the people from the development department have not rested on their laurels and the technical progress of the latest model is clearly visible. Laminating sheet length adjustment without the variator, which was a weak link of the machine, further, pneumatic clamping of laminating film rolls together with some other improvements make operation easier and allow setting of much smaller sheet overlaps. The use of single-action feeding head instead of the original double-action head has not been that convenient for us so far when processing orders – feeding of thin sheets is adjusted in a more stable manner on the older design. However, we are happy with the overall experience when processing orders and with the mode of operation of the machine.

Jan Bobřík, Technical Manager