Customers' references

We have globally installed hundreds of laminators and varnishing machines. Some of our customers are still using one of our first laminators installed over 14 years ago! The given references will tell you why our machines are so popular and our clients so satisfied with them.

Look at the references sorted out by the country of installation and laminator model. Below, you will find a complete list of references.

References for Spotmatic 54

Tiskárna Grafico s.r.o.

When entering the B1 format, we had to face, naturally, an important decision to choose the supplier of B1 laminating machine. There were not only great technical parameters and reference tests, which determined Sagitta 76 to be the hot candidate… We also took into account more than 1 year close cooperation with KOMFI when implementing technology of spot UV varnishing – the Spotmatic 54 machine – in our printing house. The professional technical support, the effort for further improvements and meeting the mutual agreements were other key facts which helped us to choose. We installed the Sagitta 76 just one month ago and I can boldly say already, that we did the right decision!

Michael Kretek, Executive Director
Opava, 20. 7. 2012