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Machine Characteristics

  • Robust and durable design to withstand 24/7 production environment for years
  • Processing printed web from digital printing machines (in-line lamination) or web from roll unwinder (off-line lamination)
  • Operation parameters adjusted according to speed of incoming web indicated by control system
  • Outstanding lamination quality due to instant precise temperature control in zones
  • Critical operational parameters are being detected constantly and indicated to operator as well as to other devices in finishing line in the form of “ready” signal

Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic

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Basic configuration

    • Dancer shaft and infeed rollers to control delivery of web and speed of laminating
    • Laminating cylinder heated by PID controlled 3-zones electro-resistance heating
    • Polyurethane counter pressure roller with outstanding durability
    • Film unwinding airshaft with film reel capacity detector
    • Decurling unit to achieve flat product
    • Pulling rolls to control high speed delivery of web and to maintain proper tension in it

Available options

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Speed 64 m/min
Max web width
54 cm
Paper weight 115-600 g/m²
Machine dimensions 
165 × 125 × 144 cm

More parameters

Maximal speed in pass-by mode 128 m/min
Minimum web width 20 cm
Thickness of laminating film 24-50 mic
Kind of laminating film OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up Approx. 3 min

Custom-built solutions

    • This machine is custom built only.
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* Technical parameters of our products are subject to change without prior notice.
* Product pictures/videos may show additional options not included in the standard delivery.