The best ever reward for our hard work is a happy customer. We are glad that our customers are satisfied with our Komfi machines and that suppliers view us as a good business partner.

Customers' references

We have globally installed hundreds of laminators and varnishing machines. Some of our customers are still using one of our first laminators installed over 14 years ago! The given references will tell you why our machines are so popular and our clients so satisfied with them.

Look at the references sorted out by the country of installation and laminator model. Below, you will find a complete list of references.

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The Komfi Junior 36 fitted our volume perfectly and additionally we gained a fast turnaround service to our customers.

Michel Christiaensen

Because the laminating volume continued to increase, we have chosen to take this part of the production process in-house

DrukBaert, Belgium

Our response time decreased dramatically which means quicker and better service to our customers.

Tom Deneef

We appreciate very high quality lamination of sheets, which are in fact immediately ready for further print finishing process

Ing. Pavlína Balážová

The laminator provides us with better control over the entire production process and thus our deadline delivery guarantee.

Wim Hendrix

The professional technical support, the effort for further improvements and meeting the mutual agreements were other key facts which helped us to choose.

Michael Kretek

Suppliers' references

FESTO – supplier of pneumatic components

We have been collaborating with Komfi since 1995 and are the main partner for the supply of pneumatic elements for their products, both for batch production of laminating and varnishing machines and for single-purpose machines custom-made for a particular customer. Komfi is a producer of machinery with their own development and design and therefore due to our long-term mutual cooperation we participate in designing new machines (designs of pneumatic elements, etc.). Komfi is a significant partner for us with whom we have established excellent professional collaboration. Komfi is a strong and innovative company that dedicates a lot of effort to the development of new products and features. Both of our companies aim to meet the demanding requests of final customers. Ing. Václav Lacina, Marketing Manager