Customers' references

We have globally installed hundreds of laminators and varnishing machines. Some of our customers are still using one of our first laminators installed over 14 years ago! The given references will tell you why our machines are so popular and our clients so satisfied with them.

Look at the references sorted out by the country of installation and laminator model. Below, you will find a complete list of references.

References for Amiga 36

DrukBaert located close to Waregem in Belgium celebrates its 50th anniversary and is characterized by a strong focus on quality and service. Through continuous investment in automation and production optimization, Hendrik Baert and his wife Nathalie continue to grow each year.

“Because the laminating volume continued to increase, we have chosen to take this part of the production process in-house and we have invested in a Komfi Amiga 36 with high pile feeder.”

Why Albyco & Komfi?

“After the previous positive experience when purchasing other equipment, we had full confidence in Albyco. They have a very strong focus in service and customer satisfaction. For these reasons we decided to purchase the Komfi laminator. Also based on the large amount of Komfi references in the field it was really a no-brainer.” “Meanwhile, the Komfi Amiga 36 is running daily which helps us to respond even quicker to the needs of our customers. It was the best choice we ever made.”