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This year, Komfi is getting ready to launch several new models on the market. Action Print Chef was an 
ideal opportunity for their preview. The manufacturer has since this year two new ones for sale
variants of the Amiga 52 laminator. This is a tandem, which allows between laminating unit and
separator incorporate additional processing module. This created a model for Amiga double-sided
lamination 52 Double tandem that was as part of prototype testing installed in the printing house
Print Point
a year ago. “Testing in real operating conditions contributed to fine-tune the new model.
At testing was about the user interface and feedback from people who use the machine daily at they work. We wanted to verify different substrates and various types production.
During testing we followed everyone in detail order parameters, ie. in particular the type of material 
and its thickness, ”describes the business manager František Šustr meaning and results of testing
laminator Amiga 52 Tandem Double.

Another novelty in the Komfi offer is a laminator with an effect embossing Amiga 52
Tandem Emboss, which is increasingly in demand in the production of photo books or in packaging.

Structured effect is extruded into the laminating foil according to the pattern on the emboss roll. 
The advantage of tandem arrangement is that of the operator can take turns very easily classic
single-sided lamination on the first unit with embossing or double sided - lamination on the second unit. See more here: Komfi s novinkami v portfoliu_04


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