AMIGA 52 In-Line

Ikona Fingerprint

Machine Characteristics

  • Special features for in-line cooperation with digital printing machines
  • Bottom vacuum feeder for automatic processing sheets in the order as printed
  • Precise sheet overlap controlled by servo-unit
  • Lamination speed is changed automatically according to speed of incoming sheets
  • Hardware adjustable for connection with various digital printing machines
  • Smart SW functions for highly automated and very easy operation

Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic

Amiga 52 inline Quick Info

Software features

    • Automatic activation of laminating pressure roll
    • Sheet position is stored in the system when machine was stopped and when started again, the machine starts to run from the position when it has been stopped
    • Job pre-sets (job parameters) can be stored under name and activated later again
    • Function “Stop at sheet overlap”
    • Function “Finish job”
    • Snap position is determined automatically (with possibility of change by the operator and stored in memory)
    • Possibility of windows lamination
    • Sheet separation and wrapping detection with controlled stop of the machine after certain number of non-separated sheets and after warning announcement
    • Function “Autopilot” – detection of sheet presence in feeder machine speed change related to the amount of remaining sheets , signalization of low volume of laminating film

Available options

    • Auto-pilot 

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Speed 25 m/min
Max sheet size 56 × 80 cm = 4687 SRA3 sheets/h
Paper weight
Paper thickness

115-600 g/m²
max. 0.7 mm (with overlap >0)
max. 1.4 mm (with overlap <0)
Machine dimensions 
264 × 100 × 147 cm

More parameters

Thickness of laminating film 24-45 µm
Kind of laminating film OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up 4 min.
Sheet overlap accuracy ±1 mm
Feeding conveyor dimensions individual project
Air supply 6 bar
Air consumption at stable run 20 l/min

Custom-built solutions

    • Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements
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* Technical parameters of our products are subject to change without prior notice.
* Product pictures/videos may show additional options not included in the standard delivery.