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Machine Characteristics

  • The X-Stream 3680 was developed in cooperation with digital printing machine manufacturers.
  • This smart laminator brings the possibility of inline connection for high-productivity book production sites.
  • One of the key design requirements was easy operation and minimal operator intervention. The X-Stream 3680 has a variety of useful software functions which avoid wasting sheets and minimize operator’s mistakes.
  • Inline connection with the printer including both-ways communication is solved individually.
  • Inline-ready feeder monitoring the paper flow from the printer with possibility of direct inline communication.
  • Advanced Software functions for high level automation.


Basic configuration


  • Inline-ready Vacuum Suction Bottom Feeder
  • Sheet overlap sensor for protection of pressure roller from film sticking in case of a mis-feed.

Laminating unit:

  • Adjustable distance stoppers for lamination unit to enable processing thick substrates and windows lamination
  • Air shaft for 3” reel core laminating film.
  • Adjustable spread roller for perfect smoothing of difficult film before lamination roller.
  • Two-zones electro resistive heating of laminating cylinder.
  • Temperature sensors inside the cylinder for extremely precise regulation.
  • Rubber coated pressure roller

Separator & Delivery

  • Powerful pneumatic pressure system to ensure excellent laminating result.
  • Decurling unit consisting of bar and roller with position control to move the snapping moment automatically when the position of decurler is changed.
  • Built-in perforator to enable sheet separation, placed behind pull rollers to avoid web brakes.
  • Comfortable pull rollers activation from touch screen.
  • Pneumatic driven separation roller for reliable snapping at high speed. Adjustable speed of snapping roller helps to reach perfect separation result of difficult jobs.
  • Skewing wheel for fine adjustment of snapping to avoid film flagging.
  • B2 jogging table.


SW functions included:

  • Zero overlap possibility for processing thick substrates.
  • Check the sheet is really loaded.
  • Automatic press on of the pressure roller (no film sticking to the roller).
  • Stop on the sheet overlap to avoid wasted
  • Automatic repair of gap between sheets when it happens (no wasted sheets).
  • Automatic pressure and temperature drop detection.
  • Automatic readjusting of the snapping unit when position of decurling bar is changed.
  • Sensor for sheet separation detection and jam detection.
  • End of job function for easy rewind of film
  • Job setting memory.
  • Built-in internet connectivity for service support.

Available options

  • Sheet preheater
  • PUR pressure roller
  • Teflon pressure roller
  • Bridge conveyor
  • White sheets inserter 
  • Film slitter
  • Additional On roll perforator
  • OTF/PSA Effect foiling device 
  • 1” OTF unwinding shaft
  • Autopilot 
  • Antistatic bar
  • Air ionizer
  • Automatic (pneumatic) skew wheel 
  • Code reader
  • Batch separation module

Technical specifications


Parameter Feeding head
Max. speed of lamination 35 m/min
Max. output of the feed. head 8000 sheets/h
Min. sheet dimensions 20 × 20 cm
Max. sheet dimensions 56 × 80 cm
Paper weight 115-600 gsm
Max. paper pile 6 cm
Thickness of laminating film  
Kind of laminating film  
Time of laminating roll warm up  
Sheet overlap accuracy  
Machine dimensions incl. table (lxwxh)  
Machine dimensions incl. stacker  
Air supply  
Consumption of compressed air  
Max. consumption of compressed air  
Max. pressing force  
Max. consumption of electricity  
Power supply  
Machine weight  
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