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Service and warranty

We provide both warranty and post-warranty servicing for our products either directly here (in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic), or abroad via our network of authorised dealers entitled to service Komfi machines or our branches.

Go to Dealer network the list of Komfi authorised partners. All our partners are professionally trained in both theoretical and practical aspects directly in our headquarters in Lanškroun. After this training, the Komfi dealers are able to professionally deal with any potential problems of laminating and coating machines and eliminate both, mechanical as well as electrical defects.

Spare parts

We deal with serial production of print finishing machine more than 20 years. During this period, more than 2000 laminators and varnishing machines left the gate of our company. Many of those very first units still serve its owners, and therefore it is important for us to guarantee our customers fast and reliable spare parts supplies. We opened a new spare parts stock in our main seat in Lanškroun which is determined specifically for mass produced print finishing machines. The new capacity of this stock allows us to stock really wide range of parts for different models of laminating and varnishing machines. Our policy of spare parts storage is set up in such way, so that we are able to deliver in short time also parts, the production of which is time demanding. We also focus on unification of key parts during developping of new models, which also helps to better availability of the spare parts. We guarantee supplies of the spare parts to the customer for a period of 10 years from a moment of machine delivery. Nevertheless, because we design and produced the equipment ourselves, we are able to deliver spare parts to much older machines relatively flexibly too.



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Please note that we are in the process of updating ALL brochures.


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